Little Trunks Classes

Our Little Trunks class are fun, creative, and challenging workouts for the children while learning the importance and effectiveness of proper Muay Thai techniques and learning how to place them into combinations.

The Little Trunks Program offers the opportunity to learn anti-bullying education, the pursuit of healthy lifestyles, Thai Language and Culture while aiding with self-esteem and confidence.

The workouts change daily, and you will enjoy the classes because we are hosting them outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Children do not spar. Even our adults do not spar unless they want to and meet certain requirements for it. Children learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai, which is great for self-defense, but are always in the ring with an instructor. The goal of the Little Trunks is to provide children with the tenets of training without the pressures of competing.

You can see our ceremony schedules on our website under the Little Trunks section.Each ceremony allows a child to advance to new techniques, training and a new colored shirt to signify which level they’re in.

Children will be learning Thai language and culture as well as healthy lifestyle lessons and Muay Thai disciplines. Homework will consist of exercises geared towards this.

Most definitely!

The Little Trunks Program offers ALL the benefits of joining a sports league but offers something more valuable that children can actualy use in the future. They will learn discipline, self-defense, healthy eating, confidence, and a new culture! Ask yourself, “What will my child benefit most from: learning a sport or learning self-defense and discipline?” Our courses are geared for the future and offer fun while we’re at it!

The Little Trunks courses are managed by both Kru Neil, our head instructor, and a trained child development expert.

Access to classes, training, special workshops just for little trunks, progress reports for parents, ceremony events, and fun activity field trips. Additional fees may apply.

They consist of your child’s progress, behavior, and attendance.

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