We are looking for a Passionate & Upbeat Muay Thai Trainer 

Here at MTK Gym we have a fun, but hardworking group of individuals that come from all different walks of life.  We cater to all types of people from athletes, to business people, celebrities, all the way to housewives who are tired of just a regular fitness gym, and would like to take their training to the next level.  At MTKG, we bring professional quality fight and fitness training to anyone 7 days a week.  Our class curriculum changes daily and includes fitness training into every class.  If you are a passionate, upbeat, and a professional Muay Thai Trainer, you will fit right into our culture.

MTK Gym which stands for Muay Thai Kick Boxing Gym has been in business since 1994.  We are located in North Hollywood, CA., right by the 170FWY.  We are at the corner of Bellaire Ave., and Saticoy St. South.  Our gym is constantly growing, which is why we are looking to hire more trainers.  Our gym is about 5,000 sq. ft.  Our facility is constantly improving as well, and most importantly is kept clean daily.  We have all the equipment necessary for proper Muay Thai training, and then some.  We have 10 Banana bags, and 10 Heavy Bags. 20 bags in total.  We have a standard professional size boxing ring which is 20” x 20”.  We have numerous Thai Pads, for pad training.  We have dumbbells ranging from 3lbs. to 50lbs., with 3 Pull up towers, and 2 sets of TRX Straps.

Our MTK staff is a diverse, but very friendly, professional, and a hardworking team.  We are looking for trainers that are upbeat, passionate, friendly, professional, punctual, and coachable.   Work hours are flexible, and we will work with your schedule.  We are currently looking for part-time trainers.  Your pay will be determined by experience and ability to lead a class.

Once we receive your information and resume.  We will appoint an interview time as soon as possible.  Please be patient, because we do get bombarded with resumes.  We are looking to hire right away.  Just remember key descriptions of being an MTK Gym Muay Thai trainer include but are not limited to:

  • Leading and instructing a group of individuals.
  • Being upbeat & passionate about teaching.
  • Being Professional, Punctual, and Presentable at all times.
  • Creating weekly curriculum that changes every week & daily.
  • Creating fitness workouts to finish up the last 25 minutes of class.

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