Kru Neil

Kru Neil is a retired professional Muay Thai fighter with 25 years experience and the head instructor of Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym.
His real name is Neil Chatchaiyan but students call him Kru Neil because “Kru” means instructor in the Thai language. “Kru” is the traditional, formal way to call your instructor.

Kru Neil began learning Muay Thai at the age of 9 years old. He began to take his training more seriously around 12 years old. Kru
Neil began competing at age 14. By the age of 15, he was already competing in big fight venues against 23 years old and up. By age
18, he took 5 years off from competing. He then returned by age 23 with more hunger than ever. Kru Neil continued fighting till the age of 28. During that time Kru Neil competed in different venues all around the U.S. and fight in Thailand twice. His second visited to Thailand, he was invited to fight at the famous Lumpinee stadium. Just before Kru Neil retired in 2008, he was invited to fight in Thailand for a super middleweight championship title. During his training camp, he tore his bicep, which didn’t allow him to competed. Once he recovered, his trainer Kru Rex left, which promoted Kru Neil as head instructor. Once he was promoted, he retired from competing to concentrate all his focus on his students and his fighters.

He has 33 fights total with only 5 losses. He has won 3 titles during his 14 year fight career. He has now been training Muay Thai for 29 years. Vichai Supkitpol aka Kru Rex was Kru Neil’s teacher from the age of 9 to 28