Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym was established back in 1994 in Van Nuys, California. Since then we have relocated and rebranded our facility in numerous ways such as; equipment, class structure and training. Here at MTKG we believe in bringing a fighters workout to the everyday individual. Whether you’re looking to improve on self-defense, live a healthier lifestyle or just a fun alternative to the gym we are here to help you reach your goals.

What sets us apart from other facilities is the tight knit bond we have created between all members, trainers and staff. We believe in creating a comfortable space for members of all starting points to come in and improve themselves. Along with all the membership benefits we do regular member hikes and workout challenges in order to tighten that bond between members and increase motivation to reach fitness goals. We work as a team and succeed as a team.

Our trainer Kru Neil has over 30 thirty years of experience in Muay Thai fighting. His attentiveness during training allows members to grow from there weaknesses with positive reinforcement.