Do I need to know another Martial Art before Muay Thai?

Short answer: no. First of all, our primary focus is fitness. Sparring, training to go professional is completely optional. We definitely have had champions come out of our gym but they reserve private training with our very own 4 time champĀ @kruneilofficial.

Even if you’ve never step foot in a gym, you’re set to come in here and train with us. Muay Thai is not only self-defense and fitness but it is also about self-esteem and confidence.

Many of our students have come into our gym without ANY previous training whatsoever. Once you get into a regular rhythm of training you really come to benefit from the instruction of an experienced trainer. At the gym, it’s hard. You go. People of all different levels are around you. You don’t know what to do so most people end up on a treadmill.

Here, Kru Neil or another instructor will train you and your peer group in a way tailored to your level and needs. You’ll receive direction every step of the way – from stretching to training to cooling down.

So again, whatever your circumstance – you’re set to train here!