Be a Good Muay Thai Partner!

Have Proper Equipment

First and foremost, we need the right equipment. Our shorts, cups, wraps, etc. are all offered by the gym and are critical to stay up to par with training. The wraps are not to protect the other person; they are to protect you. Your shorts offer you the mobility required for training and protective gear is a must as safety is a priority.

Do Not Try to “Win”

Remember, we don’t compete against anyone else during our training. We only compete against ourselves. We are looking to help and encourage others, but we are driven by our own fitness and discipline goals. Want to feel more secure and acquire the techniques and Muay Thai training to do so? Want to lose weight? Increase your cardiovascular resistance? Those are your competitors. Not your fellow members.

Follow the Instruction

Having a professional, multi-champion trainer guiding your sessions is an opportunity we need to take! The cumulative hours in training and teaching is a resource that provides progress that you cannot acquire by yourself at the gym. Even if you know the drill, technique, etc. refinement is always possible. Mastery is elusive. Even if attained, it slips once the routine is broken.

Do Not Avoid Those More Experienced Than You

It can be intimidating to start Muay Thai Kickboxing training at our Gym and to be surrounded by experienced members. But that quickly fades as you realize everyone is training toward different aims and that you are training for you and no one else. The experience of others is not a hurdle to overcome but, rather, a resource for you to take advantage of.

Reflect On Your Sessions

Your body won’t permit you to forget your training. You’ll feel it. You’ll know you pushed yourself to a great point. That being said, even if fitness is just your goal, self-defense is critical. Reflecting on your training at home will help you retain instruction and prepare yourself for future training as well.

Enjoy The Experience

Despite what other gym commercials try to sell you, training doesn’t have to mean suffering. Training Muay Thai and Kickboxing is an enjoyable experience that you will share with friends and family as well remember for years to come. We offer more than training; we offer a lifestyle that will change you forever.

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